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The online shop offered for sale fake Chanel bowler handbags.

The replica Luxe Large Bowler Bag Gold was listed on the shopping site for sale at $209.85, a savings of 67%, with a market price quoted at over $600.00. The fake Chanel bowler bag was presented to the shopper with an image and descriptive details, and noting that there was stock available. The item description included the dimensions of the fake bag as 13.5W X 7.5H X 6D inches (W34 x H19 x D15 CM). The seller touted that the fake Chanel bowler handbag was furnished with braided chain and leather handles, and zippered opening and interior pockets, as well as a bogus Chanel card with serial number. The fake was hyped by as a "gorgeous, glamorous head-turner."

The unfortunate shopper who may have become lost in the details, may have purchased an illegal fake bag. Upon receiving the fake, the buyer would have finally seen what the $209.85 purchase would bestow. The buyer may have soon realized that the $200.00 plus wasted on buying the fake could have been spent on something legal and much more rewarding.

To produce or sell fakes is illegal. Besides being illegal, fakes are often manufactured with substandard materials and workmanship. The leathers are often dyed inconsistently, the stitching is often weak, the chains are often meager in weight, and the zippers frequently stick and break easily.

An authentic CHANEL handbag will provide the much anticipated luxury and elegance. Each CHANEL handbag is skillfully constructed with precision craftsmanship using components of exceptional quality.

For authentic CHANEL bags, visit a Chanel boutique or an authorized Chanel retailer.