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Replica Chanel Wallets were being offered for sale by the online store,, for just over $130.00. The Replica Chanel Jean Wallet was offered for sale for $132.52. The Replica Chanel Black with Coffee Lace was selling at $132.73. The Replica Chanel Wallet with Coin Pocket Black was listed as selling for $134.49. The Replica Chanel Wallet White Snake CC with Coin Pocket was offered with a price tag of $133.60. The Chanel Wallet White with Black Logo was priced at $133.18.

These replica Chanel wallets were fake wallets manufactured, distributed and sold illegally. The funds profited from selling the unlawful products are often funneled into other unlawful activities. Sellers of knockoffs wallets are often linked to other crimes such as identify theft, terrorism and money laundering.

The distinctive high quality of a Chanel wallet will typically be lacking in a fake item. A fake Chanel wallet will often be constructed of substandard components such as fragile leather, frail threading and rough metalwork. Many fake wallets are immediately noticeable, even without a keen eye, as they may lack tone and luster, and could fray and fade before you know it.

For authentic Chanel wallets, visit a Chanel boutique or an authorized Chanel retailer.